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Building brand identity for Go-Spark!

Go Spark envisioned a path which cater vendors to discover their business and grow their network, giving instant 10x traffic. And customers to redeem exciting deals and collect rewards in return.

Go Spark, An astounding brand which caters other brands with benefits and rewards

Go spark came up with a diverse idea, which functions in both the way for the vendors as well as for the consumers. It is an app through which vendors can market their deals and products and in availing those deals, consumers will gain points.

This simple idea emerge with an extra ordinary digitalized strategy and Maestro gave a full branding solution to it. Covering the multiple categories from beauty products to food outlets.

Go Spark’s technique has the potential to compel the audience and inclined them towards this creative idea.


    Strategy & Planning

    Research Analysis





    Content production

The Work

Our client wanted a platform where the company and the customer both get equal benefits and opportunities. It was an innovative technique to present it to the market so we designed it strategically to cover the whole realm and propose the best branding techniques. From designing their Mobile App and Web App to marketing and printing. We left no point of branding empty and cater the brilliance brilliantly.

The Challenge

To make them emerge from a great market holders was one astounding test yet to make solid commitment and change gathering of people from viewers to clients was extraordinary. Our test was to propose the full verification promoting system which empower approaches to maintain advertise strategies and bring out Go Spark in the light to pull in the gathering of people and introduce the idea of a platform where vendors create their profiles and users reclaim their deals and offers to collect rewards.

Our Creation

For full proof branding we created Web design strategy, Mobile App designs, roll banners for physical advertising, Flyers to widespread the brand in hands of users. Attracting the clients was our sheer goal so they opt for us simultaneously. Designed portfolios for multiple categories where they can cover life styles to food choices at one place. And gather traffic instantly.


Go Spark Mobile  Application Design

Our extensive newest tools and design tactics had created the perfect strategy which upholds the procedure and made it happen.

Our Timeline

Go Spark App Design And Stragtegy

The voyage was supple with little snags however we found the best and the quickest method to add spark in Go Spark's objectives. Our powerful techniques and effective strategies quickened the mission, and present the easiest gateway for vendors and customers to accelerate their business and get best deals.

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An event held for inauguration of Go Spark and it breaks the barriers of expectations and received extra ordinary responses from the public.

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