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A digital innovation we brought to life, PIPI. A full proof structured case study.

PIPI is a Mobile App, where you can create your own leagues, invite friends, play and win. Effectively created platform for peer to peer (P2P) competition. Bringing the passionate players from all around the world together.

An innovative concept which took gaming to a whole new level

PIPI is a platform where you can encounter assorted games in one place, whether it be a baseball tournament MLB, or a football NFL or basketball NBA. Every player can choose their taste and play, on your knowledge based ideas, you can post and create your own league and team for the competition.

The competition can be of two players or 20, there is no limit set for the creator, invite friends and win your game. The team member can be of any region supporting any team.

The concept is simple yet unique and wholly made for sports lover and to boost their enthusiast in gaming.


    Strategy & Planning

    Research Analysis

    App Design

    Wire framing & Prototyping

    User interface

    User experience

    Mobile app development

The Work

The company wanted a radical platform where user can create and take hold of their own gaming skills by face off against their family, friends and game lovers across the United States. They had a seed of an idea and wanted a tree. From Mobile app development to prototype, design, build and launch a custom platform that enable public to reestablish the game knowledge and skills.

The Challenge

Maestro always wanted people understand technology, encourage its use and inspire its development. And we acknowledged this was a company with innovative mindset and passionate thinking, so they not only wanted to approach audience but wanted the thrill of competition to a whole new level. With a market full of competitors, they seek for remarkable and highly tech App which functions in multiple ways to cater user needs. We faced the risk firmly and tightly gripped the belief that technology make impossible things possible.

Our Creation

We stood out as a clear winner in providing them the best Mobile app experience, we prototyped their application for early testing to deliver sheer satisfaction. Our Mobile App development, custom design, were highly under looked by the strategist and experts of technology.


Post It Play It  Application Design

We designed this Mobile app with visual customizations for absolute functionality, utilized custom tools and designs to make each function and service attractive to the user. Created prototypes to enable the use and look, test to digitally experience the use.

Our Timeline

Post It Play It  Design And Stragtegy

We reserved every strategy strategically. From start to the complete development of the application we use assorted tactics, mobile custom designs, and mobile responsive to effectively control and secure the technique of this Mobile App.

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Maestro’s work created the footprints of PIPI right after the site got live. Multiple of responses in short span of time. We love our customers, that’s why we only create the best for them.

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