Product Designer

Durham Engineering 6

Product Designer

Are you skilled enough to show how lines and curves work? Do you know the mastery of product designing? If yes, then our team welcomes you. Proficient designing is our sheer need, and we opt for the best-skilled designer.

At Maestro Digital we seek for individuals who carry potential and spirit to make things happen. We look for facilitators rather than employs and that’s the reason it takes a keen eye to opt for an individual. If you think you can get your work cut out for you? Come join us!

Successful Applicant:

  • Be creative with an eye for shape and color
  • Understand different materials and production methods
  • Have technical, practical and scientific knowledge and ability
  • Be interested in the way people choose and use products.

Must Haves:

  • Meeting clients or colleagues to discuss the design brief
  • Working closely with engineers, model makers, sales and marketing staff and other skilled people
  • Understanding technology, production methods, and materials (such as textiles, metals, and plastics)
  • Working within budgets
  • Working to deadlines
  • Researching similar products and developing ideas
  • Making sketches of ideas by hand or computer, and developing the most effective ideas into detailed drawings using specialist computer software
  • Ordering samples or working models of designs
  • Producing reports and presenting their ideas to colleagues and clients at various stages of the design process
  • Modifying their ideas according to the feedback they receive at these sessions
  • Overseeing the testing of the chosen design

Bonus Points:

  • Be able to work out costing and budgets
  • Be good at explaining ideas to people with varying levels of technical knowledge
  • Actively solve problems without being asked
  • Have listening and questioning skills for discussing design briefs and understanding feedback from colleagues
  • Be persuasive and able to 'sell' their ideas to others
  • Be able to work within deadlines and budgets

About Us:

We're vital specialists and inventive team focused on settling complex difficulties. With savvy instruments and worldwide assets, we look at the ramifications of each brand decision, make new encounters, and open ways to innovations to create technology driven solutions.

We work for leaders of digital markets as well as entrepreneurs. Plunging into their business models and propose them digital tactics and strategies to upgrade and accelerate their brands with fully equipped new techniques.