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Creating new standards of PIPI in digitally oriented market

PIPI felt the instant need to recognize themselves in the market and visible the answers of who they are, what they do and what they stand for, and they know Maestro can make this happen in the most efficient ways. So we forge for it in our way.

Stamping PIPI’S name in gamer’s heart was a task achieved.

After the completion of Web App & Mobile App, the last and the most important step was to get it recognize by the players. Though the functionality was compelling yet unique but to keep it in the lights of the users there was a sheer need to access the name in the market.

PIPI is for the players to the players, this vice-versa process was indeed an engaging app to hold the users staunchly.

By the profound market tactics Maestro reached the audience and create a visible mark of PIPI in the media market.


    Strategy & Planning

    Research Analysis

    UI/UX strategy


    Web design

The Work

After the completion of a whole new creativity, it was a sheer need to compel game lovers towards this platform and urge them to experience the services in order to have real feel and concept of PIPI. Our work was to create abiding identity and establish new ways of branding which help PIPI to win the battle of recognizing themselves among many market competitors.

The Challenge

To make them stand out from thousands of market holders was one amazing challenge but to create durable engagements and transform audience from viewers to users was different. Our challenge was to propose the full proof marketing strategy which enable ways to uphold market tactics and bring out PIPI in the light to attract the audience and install the concept of a platform where users create teams and leagues to be the player and play for the players.

Our Creation

We create PIPI’s last step of integrating their website the first step of branding and the most appealing element for them. After giving them the structure and developed usability they don’t find any other company compatible of doing their branding and come to us to add sparkles in their brand. So we, as always making them absolute happy created a sheer branding solution which unlocked their door to social engagements and gave them the users they needed. PIPI created such attractive concept which had the ability to call the game lovers promptly, we put in some right efforts to make the call aloud.


Post It Play It Social Engagement

Let every game lover swim in the passion of sports and gaming. We made a pool of peer to peer P2P competition and gather all the sports enthusiast at one place to bare the fun and enjoyment as well as having rewards in winning the competition. The more you play the more you win and get rewards in money.

Our Timeline

Post It Play It Social Media Engagement

The journey was supple with little obstacles but we found the best and the fastest way to help fulfil PIPI’s goals. Our effective strategies and planning statistically accelerated the mission, and represented a whole new level for gamers and sports lovers.

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We had to lead user’s intuition work faster so they don’t doubt themselves for calling them the game experts. And that’s what we exactly did.

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