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PIPI is a Web app which serves game lovers to a whole new level, from leagues to competition, selecting your favorite team to play and win, it’s all in user’s control. The P2P competition where you can create your own leagues, invite friends, play and win.

Through web app PIPI brought thegaming concept far and wide

PIPI’S Web App has been introduced to cover the realm of sports globally and give everyone an easiest access to get acknowledge about PIPI. Gamer loves the game when it’s on his control and through PIPI’s Web App strategy anyone can experience the gaming aptitudes in its own way.

The competition is peer to peer, there is only one person to create a competition but multiple can play as the competitor, regardless of the regions and realms.

PIPI has held the eminent capacity in the world of game lovers and serves full proof gaming knowledge at its best.


    Strategy & Planning

    Social Branding

    Graphic Designing

    Content development

    Marketing Communication

    Social & Engagement

The Work

The organization needed an extreme stage where client can make and grab hold of their own gaming aptitudes by go head to head against their family, companions and game lovers over the United States. They needed a Web application advancement to assemble and dispatch a custom stage that empower open to restore the gaming skills and aptitudes. From setting their own custom profiles and providing them easy transaction process, they want a full proof strategy and development of a innovatively created site.

The Challenge

With a market loaded with contenders, they look for astounding and profoundly tech App which works in various approaches to provide all the client’s need. Knowing how sports is effective to the audience and a little disappointment can lead us to failure, we took all the steps and procedures very keenly to uphold the tasks and make the digital user experience match the eminent quality of game aptitudes. To increase the visibility of gaming by bringing all game lovers in one platform.

Our Creation

Building a Web App is not as easy as browsing a Web. And to make PIPI a tangible and accessible site we developed such responsive web design (RWD). Our ultimate goal was to create seamlessly customized UI & UX web designs which can be usable in assorted devices. We developed website dimensions 3 different prototypes for responsive site to proffer absolute satisfaction and user experience.


Post It Play It Web Application Design

We planned this Web application with visual customization for outright usefulness, used custom devices and structures to make each capacity and administration appealing to the client. Made models to empower the utilization and look, test to carefully encounter the use.

Our Timeline

Post It Play It Web Design And Stragtegy

We held each system deliberately. From begin to the entire advancement of the application we utilize grouped strategies, web specially crafts, and web receptive to successfully control and secure the procedure of this Web App.

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Our services made the impressions of PIPI directly after the site got live. Different of reactions in limited ability to focus time. We adore our clients that is the reason we just make the best for them.

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